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How much 10,000 steps a day would change your life

Health is a daily commitment. To build better health, regular physical activity, quality rest, regular hydration, and sunlight are critical. The choice to walk 10,000 steps a day is a great platform on which to build better health habits. It also helped me to turn my life around. If you are not an active person, please make sure to start with small steps. Don’t go from one day to another with a big change. Do it slowly but consistently. Start with 5,000 steps, or even less, let’s say 3,000. Don’t rush to increase. After some time, your body (and mind) will ask for more. And trust me, if you keep doing this for a few months, you will feel much better and also start adding some exercise to your walking routine.

Here are some facts:

Cardiac Health

Getting out and walking 10,000 steps every day can lower your risk of heart disease (link to mayoclinic.org). By pushing your body enough to move it through space at a regular pace, you build better heart muscle strength and increase your heart’s capacity to move blood around your body. Walking can also suppress your appetite.

Weight Loss

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