LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR review

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR review

I’ve always been a very health oriented person and I’ve always watched what I eat, took regular exercise and maintained what I always thought of as a healthy lifestyle. However, over the last few years I’ve noticed that I’m not as fit as I once was, or should I say as fit as the people in my social circle. For some reason, most of my friends seem to be fitter, sleeker and in more control of their day to day fitness levels then I have been. I decided that I must be doing something wrong and after much deliberation decided to ask my friend Sarah her secret and where I was going wrong. She told me a fact that truly shocked and surprised me. Sarah told me that the secret to her success was a fitness tracker.
I actually could relate to that, as I remember my big breakthrough in health, was when I started to use Garmin vivosmart (the first generation, already discontinued; now replaced with Garmin vivosmart HR). It did bring me the discipline in regular exercises as well as a trackable monitoring of my health-way progress. 

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Why choose the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

I still love Garmin, but I also reach to other alternatives. Often because of pricing, but lately as well because the quality of the “cheaper end devices” is amazingly good. 
Many folks say that they use the fitness tracker app on their mobile phones and that’s enough for them. Well, they usually use it during their weekend walks on not regular bases. I have to say I do enjoy independent unit which is always on me and can be used while I live in tropical countries, especially during rainy seasons, when I get unexpectedly soaked during my walks. 
My friend Sarah shares my opinion. Also, she has a fitness tracker called LETSCOM. At first, I have to say, I wasn’t sure if I’ve never heard of it before. When I asked her to show me, that’s when she held out her arm and showed me the sleek and stylish looking Fitness Tracker HR (heart-rate) LETSCOM.

However, although the tracker was attractive, it didn’t immediately catch my attention. As I mentioned before, I’m a Garmin lover. And although I tried few different brands, I always stick with Garmin. And that’s what I told Sarah, who readily agreed. She instantly explained why she thought the LETSCOM fitness tracker HR, was the best alternatives in the fitness tracker market. Her reasons were as follows:

24 hours activity tracking 
The 24-hour tracking facility monitors heart rate, steps, calories consumed and exercise intensity timing during all movements. The LETSCOM fitness tracker HR also records sleep data.

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Get all call and message notifications from your cell phone with a simple glance at your wrist (without reaching for your phone). 

Sleek and stylish design combined with functionality. 

Some cool features
Reminders to keep you moving, GPS connected, alarms, remote camera control, step record, auto sleep (records average deep, light, awake), active hours, calories burnt, receive calls, display texts and alerts from social media, long battery life. 

It was interesting what Sarah had to say about this model. It did call my attention. I was wondering how much it may cost. On the way back home I started to research the LETSCOM on Amazon. There were several styles to choose from, pretty stylish and full of functions, the trackers were available in several colors too (black, pink, blue, green, purple). However, it was the price that surprised me. The LETSCOM fitness tracker HR ranged in price from $26.99 – $29.99. I instantly purchased 1 of the LETSCOM fitness tracker Hr ID115U and waited for my parcels to arrive.

Easy to Use LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

My parcel arrived just a few days later. Once again I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer quality and elegance of the LETSCOM fitness tracker HR. The tracker felt expensive and full of quality as well as being lightweight and easy to wear. 
If you can work the simplest cell phone you can most definitely work and understand the LETSCOM fitness tracker HR.

However, the brilliance of the tracker really comes into its own because of the changes it can make to your life. In the first stages of changing your life to a healthier lifestyle, reminders are the key. When we keep running our busy life around work, social media and online connectivity, we need a constant reminder when we need to improve our health. It easy to realize how idle we usually are, when we start using a fitness tracker with this alert option. 
It is also motivating to see how many calories we burn during daily work activities and workouts.
The LETSCOM fitness tracker HR is not only a fitness tracker, it’s a time tracker and can be set to remind me of almost anything. I can even monitor my sleep! The changes to my lifestyle are significant.


I believe that the LETSCOM fitness tracker HR is one of the best fitness trackers on the market because it can change anybody’s life. When people start using it, they can find the time to exercise. The LETSCOM fitness tracker HR should help to take more control of our lives by getting back on the track and making time for exercise. Seems that once again I do have a healthier lifestyle – I go out solo or with my friends and I walk in the park and check my progress afterward. One little change made me make some other changes, that would include paying more attention to what I eat. We need to help our bodies not only through exercising but also healthier eating, and monitoring our sleep quality.
Would I recommend the LETSCOM fitness tracker HR to friends in their pursuit of finding the pinnacle of fitness? All I can say is, I most certainly would because I already have.