Garmin Range Finder Approach Z80 Review

Garmin Approach Z80
Garmin Approach Z80

Garmin is well known worldwide for high-quality GPS sat nav, fitness and outdoor products. And there is no different with their new Approach Z80 rangefinder for golf players. The sat nav by Garmin has precisely provided positions, directions, and distances in different parts of the world for years. However, the Approach Z80 sparks a revolution, as it marks Garmin’s first move to the arena of laser rangefinders for golfing.

The Z80 is not just a regular laser rangefinder, as Garmin normally is full of surprises, it includes a great field of quality GPS information which gets rid of doubts with regards to your shot outs, when on the golf course.


Garmin’s Nous GPS
The Garmin brand is definitely high end when it also relates to the application of GPS technology to the golf courses. They are leaders in the market of wearable sports devices like the Approach S60, that makes use of GPS to give reliable distances from one location of the golfing course to where you desire the ball to end.


These tech abilities on the golf courses are part of the reasons why the Approach Z80 is a great combo. It has a virtual map of the course with the real-time GPS distances which are overlaid to the left of the Approach Z80’s viewfinder, while seamlessly working with the distance laser targeting feature. This is among the best, accurate and comprehensive rangefinders available globally, which means you can aim with complete trust any target you desire.


What will the Z80’s Viewfinder show you

Garmin Approach Z80
Garmin Approach Z80

Through the Approach Z80 you will see a color virtual map on the left side of the Z80’s OLED crisp clear screen. You can also see GPS distances in relation to important features such as water and bunkers. The back and front yardages of the green is displayed once the Green View function of the Z80 is activated.

The Approach Z80 also utilizes a stabilization feature for images which decreases shakiness as well as assist the flag finder autonomous function, that defects actively pins and also calculates distances in precision in relation to the hole once the range option is pressed. As the target or pin is locked in, a new smart function named the “Laser Range Arch” causes a virtual arc on the golfing map to show the hazards and areas in play in relation to the present ranged distance.


Locking it with Precision

Garmin Approach Z80
Garmin Approach Z80

The Garmin rangefinder Approach Z80 can easily lock to a pin-up or target that is 320 m away and is amazingly precise, with a mind-boggling accuracy within 25 cm. Its magnification zoom can be amplified up to six-times which allow golfers to easily identity whatever target they are aiming at. Simultaneously with the overlays of the map, golfers can easily find the location of the pin, even in blind shot scenarios, via the Pinpointer function.


The Plays Like Feature
This amazing rangefinder has a mode known as “Plays Like”, which takes to consider the changes in elevation and also effectively calculates distances in accordance. For example, when you take a 150 m downhill shot, it will be shown as a distance in Plays Like of 140 m; or when an elevated 150 m snot is taken it will display a yardage Plays Like of 160 m. This function can be turned off and on, allowing the Z80 to comfort to tournament use easily.


Courses Matter
There are over 41,000 courses preloaded onto the Approach Z80. The updates are available from Garmin website free of charge. If you want to give the majority of them a trial, the rangefinders rechargeable battery which is a lithium-ion battery can work for about 15-hours or about 3 rounds.


Special Aspects of the Approach Z80 Rangefinder

Garmin Approach Z80
Garmin Approach Z80

Garmin’s Z80 is greater than merely an effective rangefinder. What qualifies it to be very special is that it complements every aspect of Approach GPS technology by Garmin with an amazing precision in its laser range location feature.

Main Features

  1. Flag Finder (a confirmation visually that the flag position has been locked by laser)
  2. The accuracy of the laser is approximately 25cm
  3. Uses rechargeable battery which has a life expectancy of 15 hours (which is approximately 3 rounds)
  4. 2-D course-view in color, overload mapping on the viewfinder for over 41,000 global courses
  5. The Plays Like function (it adjusts the distances of the course depending on whether it’s a downhill or uphill slope and can be switched off or on during tournament games)
  6. Stabilization of image (it prevents your frame from experiencing shakiness)

The major function which differentiates the Approach Z80 by Garmin from the variety of rangefinders available is the presence of the overlay 2-D course which shows on the left side of the screen as well as its GPS feature. The great advantage when you are looking at an elevation and you’re not familiar with the opposite side, the course map will be fully available for you, which will enable you to take your next shot in top-notch confidence knowing exactly where the hazards are all located. These features certainly make this rangefinder a desirable device for any golfer wanting to have the advantage over the competitors.

There are a lot of advantages in purchasing the Z80 rangefinder, it’s precision is downright remarkable and mind-boggling, it’s battery life lasts for a pretty long time, allowing you to focus on your game without worrying about recharging. The Approach Z80 by Garmin is certainly a must for every golfer who desires to excel on the course.