Garmin fitness tracker for kids vivofit jr3 review

Try the new Garmin vivofit jr.3 for your kids

Smartwatches are not just for grown-ups. Your young teens will feel part of exercise monitoring, too, with the innovative device Garmin vivofit jr3! It is a newly reconfigured piece of equipment that seeks to make kids more interested in being healthy. Before you make your order, could you take a peek at our analysis?

How strongly built is the Garmin Vivofit Jr 3?

When it comes to children’s smartwatches, the Garmin vivofit jr3 offers a device built to last. It will keep going for most authorized users and provides links through Bluetooth. The system is made of silicone and is lightweight as well as durable. The face of the wrist-watch is coated in silicone to protect it from trips and accidents. Furthermore, it can be carried into the water up to 50 m depth. In other words, your kid is going to splash, float, and rinse without having to part from it!
For children above the age of five, the Garmin Vivofit Jr 3 is ideal. The wrist band scales up to 180mm, so your child can develop with it, helping them get the most use. At 25, it is still unbelievably lightweight. Those little wrists are not going to get bored of wearing them all day and night, so you have fewer arguments when it’s time for bed!

Garmin jr3

The panel is circular, measuring 14.11 mm in each direction. Without having to stop and look, this makes it easy for your child to learn. The screen is bright, so the display would be simple to read, even in glorious sunlight.
It is also notable that Garmin installed the ICE panel on the watch. This means you can place emergency contact information specifically on display at moments when they need you the most. It is easily accessible, which suggests that if they pop out with their mates while they are in college or other events that don’t require you, you will be less interested.

On the Garmin vivofit jr.3 review how strong is the battery life?

Instead of offering a device that needs regular charging, Garmin opted for a single cell coin battery that can last up to a year! This eliminates the need for extra wires and removes the strain to have a watch run out while your child is mid-way through their day.
Garmin opted for a single cell coin battery that can last up to a year instead of selling a system that requires intermittent charging! This removes the need for unnecessary wires and eliminates the burden of running a watch when your child is mid-way through their day.

Tracking and Operations

Garmin jr3

This smartwatch will keep an eye on the movement and development of your child with seven distinct behaviors to track. Feeding them down to how good they’re doing. This monitors their steps, their actions, and even their sleep. This presents them with an ability to begin to appreciate the effect on these three things’ lives and well-being.
There are tasks they should strive for by being involved in order to keep the child engaged. They will be greeted with an experiential journey that they will experience when using the device to learn new and exciting things when they reach their 60-minute mark.
A wonderful new feature is that the Vivofit Jr 3 records the range that your child walks every day and sends their activities back to them. Unfortunately, with this update, the ‘shift’ screen has withdrawn, implying that the child will not be encouraged to get up and then go when they have been resting for too long.
If you want your child to help out across the home, then the Garmin mobile app is a perfect way to arrange the things they need to do and give them incentives when they do it. On the watch face, the activities you enter into the app will serve as a prompt for your kids, and you will issue them with digital money after they have accomplished them that they can save for true rewards that you organize.

Numerous Theme Options

There is something that children or their parents would possibly hate with this tracker. This is a nice little unit, for the most part. Owing to the large variety of themed styles it can take on, and it’s trendy enough for kids.
The Vivofit Jr 3 is currently sold by Garmin in various themed choices. The one includes Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Panther style. There’s also an Iron Man theme, though, three different fun colors including neon pink, lilac, and blue, and two separate Disney Princess versions. One focused on The Tiny Mermaid, and one focused on a community of Disney characters.
The only criticism about the Garmin vivofit.jr 3 review is that the brightness is not very quick and simple to turn on. On automatically thought there would be a switch in the software to toggle on a brighter mode for the backlight. It doesn’t exist. You have to keep the one button on the sensor down for a micro-moment to turn it on at all. Other than that, you probably are going into synchronization mode, which for young consumers can be confusing.

Amazing Challenges to Complete

Garmin jr3

In the app that children will reach and surpass, the Garmin vivofit Jr 3 lets you set challenges. When they need to get, stuff done for a little more incentive. Like reaching their targets of physical exercise for measures and other stuff.
For daily and weekly numbers, tasks are set, and there are a few different choices for what you set the task to do. If it is moving, minutes of action, etc. The Toe-To-Toe obstacles are there, too. This is to invite children to a two-minute step challenge for their peers.
If you want to look at the scores, you will see full challenges in the app. Which I considered being a fun way of demonstrating their success to children.

The Garmin Vivofit Jr 3 Pros and Cons

It is wise to weigh the pros and cons first when making a costly buy of any fitness tracker. So that you can make an educated decision, we have mentioned the key ones here:

The Pros

  • Clear display of ICE touch on the face of the watch.
  • Seven different styles to suit the needs of your child.
  • One-year battery life, meaning they don’t have to lose charging time.
  • Outstanding price point.
  • The Bluetooth link is easy to use.
  • There are a number of events that can be controlled.
  • Fourteen days of available data to access, helping your child to notice their development.

The Cons

  • The battery is not reusable, and when it wears out, it will need to be repaired.
  • Since the Jr 2 models, the features have not improved significantly.
  • The ‘move’ screen has been disabled so that after they have sat around for too long, your child will not be encouraged to get up and go.


If you want to help your child get active, give them a fantastic looking watch, and let them enter the fitness tracker community, then this smartwatch offers it all. It also has exceptional protection features, offering the ICE touch on the show so that when they need you most, you never need to think about getting contacted. We are sure they would be impressed if you treat your kid to this watch!