Best Running Watches With GPS For Women


When it comes to evaluating women’s running or fitness watches, you need to look out for watches that work best for a number of activities. Most significantly, you need to find those watches that provide the utmost fit for women when working out. Sadly a number of companies claim to have developed watches for women when in the real sense they (watches) are just gender-zied and fitted with a pink band to entice buyers.

One problem with most of the GPS watches is their sizes which are so big that they don’t fit well on women’s wrists. Or when they fit, they look out of proportion in relation to the size of the women’s wrist. All these negative factors should not worry you given that there are perfect fitness watches designed to fit nicely and look great on your wrist. The watches have also been tested and proven beyond any reasonable doubts that they are safe when you wear them while working out or on an adventure.

The Two Major Categories of the Best Running Watches for Women
The two major categories of the best running watches for women include sport and fitness watches. With sports watches, you will discover that they are more versatile and are designed for use in a wide range of activities. The fact they have the GPS tracking, these watches look physically bigger and are more costly compared to fitness trackers.

On the other hand, the fitness trackers are capable of monitoring your sleep, counting steps and tracking basic exercise. Unfortunately, these fitness trackers don’t come with the GPS to assure you of the accurate exercise tracking.

That is why we have carefully selected for you the following three top-notch brands of the best running watches with GPS to help you in many different ways besides keeping you informed about time.

Garmin Vivoactive 3

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is state-of-the-art fitness watches that can help you track well over a dozen activities such as swimming, cycling, running and golf. When using Vivoactive 3, you don’t need a chest strap to help you in monitoring your heart rate, instead, you can monitor it right on your wrist.

The watch gives you an option to customize it. This means that you can swap out the bands, change the display where you can use your personal photo on the screen or use the side button to alter the position to wear it on either the left or right wrist depending on your preference.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 comes in four different colors to choose from. These are: white with the silver bezel, the new white with rose gold bezel, black with the grey bezel and black with the silver bezel.

For safety, Garmin Vivoactive 3 is capable of broadcasting your activities in real time. This is made possible by using Garmin’s Livestrack link which sends out to your email contacts or to other social media platforms whenever you want to share something with other people. The link allows you to follow your exact location on the map as well.

You can download or play almost 500 tracks of music directly from your watch as well as streaming music using the selected apps. However, you will need to use a wireless Bluetooth headset for you to listen to music. All these operations are made possible thanks to the Vivoactive 3 music, the latest version of the Garmin GPS watches for women.

The Apple Watch Series 3

When it comes to versatility and nice looking GPS watches for women, Apple Watch takes the lead. Currently, Series 3 is leading the way for being more fitness oriented than its predecessors.

Series 3 has some of the best features that you can find among the best running watches with GPS for women. The GPS tracking coupled with step monitoring are some of the most notable features that Series 3 comes with. Others include the go music, heart rate monitoring and phone notifications.

Unlike other GPS watches, Series 3 has the cellular service that you can use without pairing it with a phone. This feature will enable you to make calls, text, play your favorite music tracks and talk to Siri without using your phone.

The SOS emergency feature lets you call 911 directly using the watch whenever you want some assistance. Apart from that, the battery life on Series 3 can last you up to 5 hours when in GPS mode and even longer when you deactivate the GPS. That is enough time for you especially when you are working out. All these features make Apple Watch Series 3 the best choice for you if you are in need of a watch that has a lot more interesting features than just fitness.

Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic is designed to be of a more activity tracker wristwatch than just a GPS sports watch. Apparently, the watch can work both as a fitness track and a GPS device which makes it an ideal all-purpose fitness watch.

The Ionic is the best watch for you if you are involved in a variety of activities ranging from strength training to running all the way to working out in the gym. In fact, you can wear it across the day to help you in tracking all the steps you make, your heart rate, floor climbs, distance and active versus stationary minutes.

While taking part in the outdoor activities, you can use the GPS to help you in tracking all your runs, the distance and the pace with which you are performing your activities. If you are a swimmer, you will find the Fitbit Ionic to be quite effective in tracking your swim workouts accurately.

What makes Fitbit Ionic unique is the small size that makes it look nice on thin wrists. Apart from that, you can use it to receive notifications from your phones and make wireless payments from anywhere. The watch is capable of storing about 300 songs that you can play via wireless headphones. For the battery life, you can use for almost four days when tracking your activities and ten hours when in the GPS mode. Check out in the following video on Youtube to have a clear picture of how Fitbit Ionic works.


Even though there are much fitness and tracking watches in the market, knowing the best brand that can work well for you is important. Some of the best running watches with GPS for women come with many features but the key ones are the most helpful in monitoring your workout, location and the state of your health. Take your workout to the next level by choosing your perfect GPS sports watch wisely.

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